Luftverk Octavia Incoming

As of yet I haven’t bought into the titanium yo-yo hype, and I mean that literally.  It isn’t that I haven’t wanted to own one, it is that justifying the cost has thus far been difficult.  To make matters worse, Luftverk is working on their next titanium throw, dubbed the Octavia, which will follow up on the very successful Evora.  My resolve is withering and my wallet is already cringing.

Unlike the Evora, which was a wide-rim H-type yo-yo, the Luftverk Octavia is more of a V-type shape.  This makes me a lot more motivated to pick one of these up, or at least heavily consider it.  Details about the Octavia are being revealed over time over on the Luftverk Facebook and Instagram accounts.  I recommend keeping an eye on them going forward, especially since it sounds like the Octavia will arrive in early December, or possibly the end of November if things go well.


Luftverk Octavia



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