Luftverk Octavia Launch

I mentioned the Luftverk Octavia recently and gave you the heads up that it was releasing sometime at the beginning of December.  Well good news!  The actual release date has been set as Sunday, December 6.  If you have been waiting to grab another titanium throw, or perhaps your first one (like me), then the Octavia is definitely worth a look.

Like the Evora before it, the Luftverk Octavia is a limited run titanium yo-yo.  This initial release features three colours: navy blue, bronze, and the very limited AMS2488 grey.  The 30 blue and 30 bronze will be available upon release for $290 USD each, while only 10 of the AMS2488 grey will be available for $350 USD each.  I encourage you to read over the details on the Luftverk site, especially since the release will happen in stages, one stage for us North Americans, and another for the EU.  Watch the Luftverk Facebook page for further details.


The Octavia is Almost Here



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