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As of yet I haven’t really considered grabbing a yo-yo from Sengoku, a fairly new yo-yo maker out of Japan.  This is for two reasons.  First, my experience with bi-metal yo-yos has been less than stellar, and Sengoku only deals in bi-metal (and even tri-metal) throws.  To be fair, Sengoku yo-yos are hailed as being pretty awesome as bi-metals go.  But as the saying goes, one burned twice shy as is my case with bi-metals.  The second reason is that Sengoku yo-yos carry a hefty price tag, and I have yet to bite the bullet on any throw over $150.

Anyway, let’s ignore my prejudices for now.  The main point of this post is that Chris Rhoads over at High Speed Yo-yo has published a Sengoku Masamune review this week.  The Masamune is one of two yo-yos released by Sengoku recently (the Hideyoshi being the other).  Chris was a fan of the Nobunaga, the first yo-yo released by Sengoku, and it appears that the Masamune fairs just as well by his standards.  Here is an excerpt from the review:

“As I said above, the Masamune is decidedly quick… way faster than I normally like to play. Usually that would be another huge turn off, but one of the reasons I like no frills V-shapes is because the design allows for quite a bit of forgiveness during play. There is not much to get in the way of the string traveling the catch zone walls on its way to the gap. The Masamune gave me that forgiveness and then some.”

Check out the full Sengoku Masamune review over at High Speed YoYo.



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