On the Wild Side Contest

[Update, December 16: the deadline for the contest has been extended to December 21 in order to give the new MFD Zoo members a chance to participate.  Everyone now has some extra time to enter!]

Do you own a MonkeyfingeR Design yo-yo?  If so, then listen up because Cyyclical and MonkeyfingeR have teamed up to put together a contest for you!  We are happy to present our On the Wild Side MonkeyfingeR yo-yo photography contest!

On the Wild Side MFD Yo-yo Photography ContestMonkeyfingeR is going to be sprucing up their website shortly, and to do so they would like some new pictures of their current and past line-up of yo-yos.  Now, they could simply take some themselves, but we thought it might be nice to feature some of the yo-yos already out in the community.  Moreover, we thought it might be fun to hold a contest for everyone that wants to submit a photograph of and give away some prizes!

All you have to do is take a high quality picture of each and any MonkeyfingeR yo-yo that you have “out in the wild” and send it to us to enter.  That is pretty much it.  Note that you are free to interpret “out in the wild” however you like, so be creative!  We are looking photographs from for the following categories:

  • Tri-B
  • Gelada (any version)
  • Caesar
  • Everything else (Evil Yo, Ape-X, etc.)

For each category, a random winner will be selected to receive a MonkeyfingeR accessory pack containing two packs of Ape Hanger strings, one BUFF yo-yo polish, one Monkey Snot flowable silicone, and a one Gorillius Lubricus bearing lube bottle.  Additionally, the MonkeyfingeR team will be judging the photos and the top photo in each category will also win a custom MonkeyfingeR T-shirt.  Plus, you might even have your yo-yo photograph featured on the MonkeyfingeR website.  Woohoo!

There are some specific instructions that you need to follow in order to have your entries be eligible, which are listed below.  Please read them all very carefully, because it would be a shame to have your entry disqualified.


Official Rules

  1. The contest will run until December 21 at 11:59 pm Pacific.  Entries submitted after that will not be accepted.  Judging will take place over the holiday break.  The date that the winners will be announced has not yet been set but we expect it to happen by the end of December.
  2. Each entry photo must be of high quality (i.e. not grainy or low resolution).  Use a proper digital camera if possible to ensure that the image quality is sufficient (as opposed to a mobile device camera).
  3. Each entry photo must be 720×720 pixels in a JPEG format and be less than 200 KB in file size.  Note that MonkeyfingeR may contact you to request the raw image later on if needed for their website.  You can find free photo editors online to help with this if needed such as this one.
  4. Each entry photo must include your name in the bottom right corner.  This will help us keep track which photo belongs to whom during judging.  Again, you can use a photo editor to add this.  See the sample image below as an example.
  5. The photo must be an interpretation of the “On the Wild Side” theme.  You may interpret this however you like, but simply taking a picture of a MonkeyfingeR yo-yo with no surrounding context will not qualify.
  6. Each entry must also include a selfie of you with the MonkeyfingeR yo-yo(s).  This is to prove that you own the yo-yo or are at least using it with permission and that you didn’t simply crib a photo from the web that belongs to someone else.  The selfie will not be used for the contest and does not need to be high quality nor does it have to show your face.  Please keep the selfie to 720×720 or less (it needs to be big enough for us to see you with your yo-yos) and less than 200 KB in file size.
  7. Each contestant can submit up to four photos.  These can be multiple photos of the same MonkeyfingeR yo-yo or different MonkeyfingeR yo-yos.  At most, each contestant be entered once into the random drawing for each category.  Multiple photos in a single category do not count for more entries.  However, all photos will be judged equally for the T-shirts, and so multiple photos in a single category does increase your chances of winning a T-shirt.
  8. One random winner will be selected in each category to receive an MonkeyfingeR accessory pack.  Limit one random accessory pack prize per person.
  9. The best photo in each category will be selected by the MonkeyfingeR team, and the owners of these photographs will receive a custom MonkeyfingeR T-shirt.  Limit of one T-shirt prize per person.
  10. Contestant winners will be notified by email, so please send the photo entries from an email that you check often.  Winners will be asked to submit their shipping address after the contest ends.
  11. By entering the contest, all contestants acknowledge that MonkeyfingeR has the right to use any of the photos (not including the ownership selfies) for promotional purposes including, but not limited to, their website, online store, and printed material.  This is true for all entries and not just the winning photographs.


OK, not that all of that is out of the way, how do you enter?  Simple!  You can submit all of your entries by email below.  All entries are available for viewing via Imgur.

Send your entries to: contests@cyyclical.com

Good luck!


Here is a sample photo to give you an idea of what the entry photos should look like (obviously you don’t need to include any of the text other than your name):


On the Wild Side MFD Yo-yo Photography Contest Sample Image



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6 Responses

  1. David Sexton says:

    Are we allowed to borrow a MFD yoyo from a friend to use for the picture if we do not own one?

    • JT JT says:

      That is a great question. Let me bounce that off of Ray at MonkeyfingeR to see what he thinks. As long as you have access with permission and still take the selfie with the yo-yo I don’t think it will be a problem, but let me confirm that.

    • JT JT says:

      Yep, both Ray and I are OK with it. The selfie is still required 🙂

  2. Jordan says:

    Have the winners been selected / notified yet?

  1. December 20, 2015

    […] The photo contest: http://cyyclical.com/mfd-photo-contest/ […]

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