MonkeyfingeR Tri-B and Gelada 2 Restock Incoming

I have actually known about this for a week or two from my discussions with MonkeyfingeR Ray, but I wanted to wait until the official announcement before I said anything.  Well, the cat was finally let out of the bag a couple of hours ago via the MFD Instagram about an incoming run and restock of the Tri-B and Gelada 2 throws!  This version of the Gelada 2 is actually being dubbed the 2.1 because MFD has made some small tweaks to the design.  Also, this restock will include A7 variants using 7075 aluminum for some extra punch!

I am on the verge of writing up a review about my new Tri-B (soon to be two Tri-B’s), and I actually got a chance to check out a Gelada 2 recently courtesy of Jeremy “Mr YoyoThrower” McKay.  Let me just say that if you don’t yet own either of these yo-yos, or any MonkeyfingeR Design yo-yo for that matter, trust me when I tell you that you should be excited about this restock.  I will keep you posted as I learn more details.




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