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Here is another Vlog to tell you about, and one that I have been meaning to write about for a few months now.  Mike Montgomery, or MikeMonty as he is know in the Throwers Subreddit community, is the captain of the MonkeyfingeR Design sponsored team and as it happens he also runs his own website dedicated to yo-yos and throwing.  As part of this, Mike also creates a healthy stream of YouTube videos.  Some of these videos are tutorials, and others are part of the MikeMonty Vlog which he calls the Mike Montgomery Weekly Update, or MMWU for short.

Like many Vlogs, the MikeMonty Vlog covers a range of topics that Mike happens to find interesting at the time.  As you might expect, throwing and yo-yos are usually discussed at some point in the videos, including up to date information on new stuff that is inbound from MonkeyfingeR.  If you are interested in checking out the videos then you can either keep an eye on Mike’s YouTube channel or on the blog page of his website (the YouTube channel is a bit more up to date).  Have a look at the sample MMWU video below to see what the MikeMonty Vlog is all about.

So there you go, check out the MikeMonty Vlog and keep tabs on what Mike and MFD are up to.  Enjoy!




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