MonkeyfingeR 2Evil Launch

[Update: well it turns out the some of the 2Evils got stuck at the US Border so I am afraid the American online retailers were not able to launch the 2Evil as planned.  I will let you know when I hear more.]

When I said a couple of days ago that the Christmas rush of yo-yo launches and restocks is upon, I wasn’t kidding.  Case in point: the MonkeyfingeR 2Evil arrives later today at various online yo-yo stores.  ‘Tis the season!

I mentioned the 2Evil awhile back, and if you have been following the MonkeyfingeR Instagram and Facebook accounts like you should be then you will have already seen the crazy colourways that will be available.  If not (what the heck is wrong with you?) then you can check them out below.  Also below is the official MonkeyfingeR 2Evil release video, which is fun to watch.

The MonkeyfingeR 2Evil will release on the online yo-yos stores today, and you can check this post on the MonkeyfingeR Instagram for details.   YoYoExpert will be holding their tonight as is their usual modus operandi.  The ReturnTopShop will also be releasing their stock of 2Evils today at 5pm Pacific, which will eventually include some custom Bacterium 2Evils (which I have seen and I think look pretty slick).  Keep an eye out for them to hit and get ready to grab one.

By the way, not that it matters, but I have one of these throws on the way from MFD for testing so keep an eye out for a review of the MonkeyfingeR 2Evil sometime in the near future.  Chances are you won’t want to wait that long and will grab one before that, but nonetheless I wanted to let you know in case any of you cared.


MonkeyfingeR 2Evil Launch




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