MonkeyfingeR Halloween Sale

Here is some exciting news straight from the mouth of MonkeyfingeR Ray with whom I just finished speaking.  Tomorrow on Halloween, starting from 7pm Pacific (10 pm Eastern), MonkeyfingeR will will selling a very limited number of 7075 Gelada 2.1 and Tri-B yo-yos!  These yo-yos have a unique orange and black Halloween colourway, as shown below.  Each of these yo-yos will sell for $118 USD (not including shipping) directly from the MonkeyfingeR website, and there is only three of each up for grabs so you can expect these to go quickly!

Also, MonkeyfingeR will also be selling some brand new T-shirts tomorrow for $18 USD each, or $15 USD if purchased with one of the yo-yos.  True to the MonkeyfingeR way of doing things, you will be able to customize the shirts to a certain degree by choosing the shirt colour and the logo colour.  The T-shirts are available in gray, black, red while the logos are available in white, black, and yellow/green, as shown below.  You are free to mix and match however you like when you order the T-shirts.

So get ready to put your Halloween order in tomorrow!







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