New ILYY Bi-metal Yo-yos

I have never had the opportunity to try any of the throws from ILYY (I Love YoYo), but they have released a steady stream of yo-yos out of Germany over the past decade and it appears that they are back at it again.  A couple of days ago, the company announced that they now have not one but two new limited run ILYY bi-metal yo-yos up for grabs: the Prometheus and the Abyss. These ILYY bi-metal yo-yos

If I am reading the official announcement from ILYY correctly, it seems that each of the two founders (Frank Orben and Dominik Gonzales) designed their own bi-metal yo-yo. The Prometheus is from the Frank side of things, and is the heavier of the two throws with an interesting shape that I can only describe as a rippled V-type. Dominik’s design, on the other hand, is a rounded W-Type made from 7075 aluminum. You can check out the specs and pictures of both below (the Prometheus is the pink yo-yo, and the Abyss is the black).

It appears that only 10 of each yo-yo were made and they sell for 100€ apeice. If you are interested in picking one up you need to email ILYY directly, and you can find the email address here.


Prometheus Specs

  • Diameter: 56 mm
  • Width: 42 mm
  • Weight: 65.5 grams
  • Bearing: Size C, ILYY KMK
  • Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
  • Material: 6082 AlMgSi1 Aluminum,  AISI 303 Stainless Steel Rings


Abyss Specs

  • Diameter: 57 mm
  • Width: 43.5 mm
  • Weight: 63.5 grams
  • Bearing: Size C, ILYY KMK
  • Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum Body, AISI 303 Stainless Steel Rings


New ILYY Bi-metal Yo-yos


New ILYY Bi-metal Yo-yos



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