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Well, here is some news that is fairly near and dear to my heart. A new Paraglide Holders website has been launched and is ready to take orders for custom yo-yo holders!

The reason that it is near and dear to my heart is that, through a strange twist in fate, I am now the one making the holders and running the show. Philip Chan (the original founder of Paraglide Holders) and I began chatting a lot about the holders following my review of them, and I ended up getting involved here and there to help him out. I have to say that it was rather interesting trying to learn how to make these things.

Anyway, a couple of months ago he asked if I would take over the reigns of Paraglide Holders. It turns out that Phil was unable to continue making the holders due to a move that he and his family needed to make. I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely sure about taking it over, but I said I would try my best!

I figured that an actual website might simplify the process of looking at the options and submitting orders. The process is quite straight forward and you can find all of the details on the new Paraglide Holders website.

I would like to point out that this is a side thing for me. I am doing this mostly to help out Phil and keep Paraglide Holders alive so that anyone that wants a custom yo-yo holder can still get one.

Thanks again for everyone’s support of Paraglide Holders so far. Both Smashing YoYo and MonkeyfingeR Design have ordered some to sell along side their yo-yos, and perhaps we see more of these show up elsewhere. Hopefully we can keep this sucker going for the foreseeable future!


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