One Drop Cabal Incoming

Give that I just wrote up a Plastic Yo-yo Shootout it is safe to say that I have an interest in the plastic side of throwing. However, as many of you will have noticed, I didn’t delve into the Delrin plastic yo-yos. That was by design because another member of the throwing community is currently working on a comparison of some Delrin plastic yo-yos and I didn’t want to overlap with him. And now it looks like there is another Delrin yo-yo to add to the list: the One Drop Cabal.

One Drop announced the Cabal last week, and I apologize for being a bit slow on the uptake on this one. In any case, the One Drop Cabal is a really nice looking plastic yo-yo made from machined Delrin that comes in a fetching black or white model. Here is part of the official blurb about the Cabal from the One Drop website:

“The Cabal boasts a rounded and classic profile, similar to yo-yos from days past, but with all the modern play we’ve grown accustomed to. Inside, you’ll find familiarity within the axle system – it’s the same one we pioneered in the Rally but with an all new flat hub for that clean and sleek look. Since Delrin is less dense than aluminum, the entire body of the yo-yo was designed to be a little thicker than usual giving everyone who throws it just a little more to love. When you hold it you can feel that diamond cut finish. The Cabal will satisfy your nastolgia for plastic but won’t hold you back with it’s refreshing modern refinement and play.”

That sounds quite awesome! The One Drop Cabal will be released for purchase later this month so we won’t have long to wait to get our hands on it. Any new release from One Drop is cause for excitement, and the Cabal undoubtedly follows that trend. It will retail for $59 USD, so get your wallets ready!


Cabal Specs

  • Diameter: 56.6 mm
  • Width:  44.7 mm
  • Weight:  67.1 grams
  • Bearing: One Drop 10-ball flat
  • Response: One Drop Flow Groove
  • Axle System: Custom machined inserts and hubs


One Drop Cabal Incoming



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