One Drop Rebirth Incoming

I am a big fan of One Drop and their throws.  I really dig how many of their yo-yos are very simple in design and yet have a depth to their play.  The 54 and Downbeat from One Drop are some of my most used throws to date.  The incoming Rebirth, the new signature throw of Ryosuke Kawamura looks to follow this trend, and I am really considering grabbing one once it hits.  One of my good yo-yo friends is also planning on getting one, so one way or another we should be able to get a review of it up here on Cyyclical when the time comes.

Check out the official Rebirth page over at One Drop for the low down on this new yo-yo!  The Rebirth is slated to arrive at YoYoExpert on October 14!


One Drop Rebirth



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