One to Watch: The Ovation

Those of you who follow the throwing community, particularly the community forums hosted by YoYoExpert, are likely aware of Amplified Return Tops (ART).  This new yo-yo manufacturer is the brain child of LaMonté Patterson, and earlier this year ART released their first throw dubbed the Shout.  I haven’t had an opportunity to try the Shout, but I have read good things about it (for example, I will point you to Chris Rhoads’ review of the Shout over on High Speed YoYo).  The Shout also featured some really amazing colourways, one of which I took inspiration for when choosing the colours for my recent Tri-B.

LaMonté is clearly not sitting still because he recently announced ART’s next throw, which at the time was named the Orator.  I rather liked the look of this new chunky looking yo-yo and so have been casually following its development.  Very recently that development took another turn that included a redesign of the Orator and a change in its name.  Now called the Ovation, it still looks to me to be an intriguing design and I am very curious to see how it turns out.  Check out the images below of the Orator prototype and the rendering of the redesigned Ovation.  I will keep you posted on additional news and specs as more is revealed, although if you would like to follow it yourself I encourage you to check out the official ART thread on the YoYoExpert forums.





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