Pixel Yo-yo Bearing Incoming

So many of you will have already heard the news yesterday, but just in case I wanted to let you know about it. CLYW and iYoYo have announced that they have jointly developed a new centering bearing: the Pixel yo-yo bearing.

The Pixel yo-yo bearing is essentially a concave bearing that uses eight tiny angle cuts to achieve the centering effect. This also (presumably) manages to skate around the KonKave bearing patent. In any case, this means that there will be yet another option for centering bearings for those of you that a dying for more choice.

I didn’t notice any mention of pricing, but hopefully they won’t be too expensive. Not that that would matter mind you since having CLYW’s name attached to it means that there will be droves of throwers lining up to buy them.

Check out the official announcement on the CLYW website for more details.


Pixel Bearings



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