Poppet Contest Winners

Hi everyone!

Well, the Smashing Yoyos Poppet contest ended over the weekend. Jordan and the Smashing Yoyo Company team had a look at all of the excellent submissions via Instagram and Imgur (from both this site and Reddit) and have chosen the photo they liked the best.

And the winning photo is from Porter Smith (flowbishy) via Instagram! Congrats to Porter on winning the green Poppet!

Also, all submissions were entered into a random drawing for three MonkeyfingeR accessory pack. I compiled everyone’s name and used a random number generator to pull three names. The winners of the accessory packs are:

  • Thatblokewiththehat (Reddit)
  • J_a_c_k__e (Instagram)
  • Milonas303 (Instagram)

Congrats to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone that entered the contest! Watch for more contests here on Cyyclical in the future.



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