Rebirth Review by HSYY

I know quite a few throwers out there that have been curious about the new One Drop Rebirth.  If that is the case for you then you will be interested to know that Chris Rhoads over at High Speed YoYo has tried it out and posted up a new review regarding the Rebirth.  Here is an excerpt:

“The Rebirth is a crazy amalgamation of old school and new school One Drop. It retains the fast but solid feel that One Drop fans from the beginning will recognize while still feeling updated for Ryosuke’s faster, more tech style of play. If this is supposed to be the next generation of the Project, then the Rebirth checks off all the right boxes.”

I have yet to try the Rebirth myself, and if I do I will likely write up something on it at that time.  It is great to see that Chris has been able to review it already though.  Enjoy!




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