RiHara ore Incoming

Just by chance the other day I noticed some Facebook posts regarding the latest yo-yo that is about to be released by RiHara. The RiHara ore (all lower case is important, apparently) is heading our way and I rather like the look of it. Thus, I got in touch with Austin from RiHara to get some additional details about their latest yo-yo.

Austin was kind enough to provide not only the specs of the RiHara ore but also a little blurb about it:

“The ore is a brand new model from RiHara, shipping with the Obsidian and Kyanite colorways. The distribution is dramatically the the outside which makes the ore engaging with an ultra light, but still crazy powerful and stable during play. With only 63 grams of weight, it still spins for a long time and has a great performance during horizontal tricks. The thing that makes the ore different is that the extreme outside weight distribution is paired with super thin rims, which make it looks simple and elegant while still balancing the performance and appearance.”

According to Austin, the RiHara ore will be available for pre-order and purchase soon via the RiHara online store. No word on pricing yet. Keep an eye on the RiHara Facebook page for more details.


ore Specs

  • Diameter: 55.0 mm
  • Width:  43.4 mm
  • Weight:  63.1 grams
  • Response: RiHara 0.5 mm Super Thin pads
  • Material: 7075 aluminum with stainless steel rims


RiHara ore Incoming



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