Sengoku Kenshin Incoming

[Update, March 30: the Sengoku Kenshin is now available via the Sengoku store.  Other retailers won’t be selling the Kenshin until April 15 according to a Sengoku Facebook announcement this morning.]

I have yet to try one of the throws from Sengoku, but I have heard and read good things about this newer brand of yo-yos out of Japan.  Hopefully I will get my hands on one some day, but for now Julio Robles (the man behind the Sengoku brand) was kind enough to send me information on the incoming Sengoku Kenshin.  Julio is continuing his trend of naming his throws after historical leaders from Japan’s Sengoku era, and this time it is Uesugi Kenshin that is the name sake.

The Sengoku Kenshin has a couple of unique characteristics going for it.  First and foremost, it is machined out of 7068 aluminum, which is stronger that 7075 and even has a better strength-to-weight ratio than some grades of titanium (I did some digging online).  This should result in an amazing weight distribution for the Kenshin.  This incoming yo-yo will also be the first Sengoku throw to ship with the company’s new Katana response pads.

Check out the pictures of the Sengoku Kenshin below, and get ready for it to release on March 31!  From what I understand from the Sengoku Facebook page, the price will only be $98 USD (or $118 for the multi-colours).  Oh, and there will be a pre-sale of the green Kenshins starting on Monday, so watch the Sengoku Facebook for more information.


Kenshin Specs

  • Diameter: 56 mm
  • Width: 44 mm
  • Weight: 63.8 grams
  • Response Pad: Sengoku Katana pads
  • Bearing: Size C centering (the special colour editions ship with a Terrapin size C Delta dry bearing)







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