Meet the Silverback King

[Update: KYS just informed me that the price has been set for the Silverback King at $49 USD.]

King Yo Star and MonkeyfingeR Design are poised to have an exciting year. While I can’t yet go into all of the details, I can tell you that MFD and KYS both have some fun throws in the pipeline, at least one of which I am very much looking forward to. However, I can share some of the exciting news with you today. Ladies and gentleman, I am happy to introduce you to the KYS-MFD Silverback King!

As many of you will no doubt notice right away from the photos below, the Silverback is a brand new 4A (offstring) yo-yo. As I am sure some of you will already know, Jeremy is a Western Canadian 4A champion and so it was only natural for him to eventually design a new offstring yo-yo. And he didn’t go it alone. As you can tell from the name, the Silverback King is the result of a collaboration between King Yo Star and MonkeyfingeR Design. Jeremy consulted extensively with MonkeyfingeR’s 4A expert,¬†Michael Goody, and MonkeyfingeR Ray was also involved in the development of the Silverback King.

The Silverback King is the result of multiple prototypes. Jeremy, Michael, and Ray wanted something that would kill in competition, handle lengthy combos, and still feel great to throw and hold. The Silverback King is shaped to feel right at home in your hand and will push you to excel. This throw was designed with both the beginner and expert in mind, making it easy for someone to dive into offstring while still retaining features that allow this throw to devour the most complex tricks in the 4A world. It is a must for any collection. Once you try it you will want more!

The Silverback King is machined from highly durable and stable Delrin and the prototypes were bashed against every available surface to ensure its durability during play. Since offstring yo-yos tend to spend a lot of time bouncing off of the ground (both intentionally and unintentionally) using a damage resistant material like Delrin is a nice touch.

The Silverback King is actually packaged and purchased as a complete 4A kit.  In the box you will find two bearings, one grooved concave and one flat, three stickers, two MonkeyfingeR Ape Hanger strings, some spare pads, and a throw glove. That is some complete 4A goodness! You can check out the full specs below. Watch for the release of the KYS-MFD Silverback King at online stores soon with an expected price of $49 USD. Also, Jeremy will be releasing a series of brand new 4A tutorials to celebrate the release of the Silverback King, so keep an eye out for those as well on his YouTube channel.


Silverback King Specs

  • Diameter: 77 mm
  • Width: 60 mm
  • Weight: 81 grams
  • Bearing: 10-ball grooved concave (8-ball flat bearing also included)


KYS-MFD Silverback King


KYS-MFD Silverback King


KYS-MFD Silverback King



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