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As I am sure you can see, the Cyyclical site has had a complete make over, for better or worse. Much of what you see is in response to the recent throwers community feedback that many of you were kind enough to submit. Of course, it is impossible to please everyone but hopefully most of you like the changes. And speaking of the changes…

Besides the obvious update to the logo (which I am much happier with) and the site theme, I want to point out a big change to the Yo-yo Reviews summary page. All of the reviews on the site are now listed in a handy table format that is sortable and searchable. This is a new feature for me and hopefully it works properly. Please let me know if you have any trouble using it or notice any bugs. That is true for anything on the site. Since the theme is new, there is a chance some of the older content will look odd. I will try to fix this as we go.

Anyway, onward and upwards! I hope you enjoy the new Cyyclical site!





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