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It doesn’t seem all that long ago that Jordan Blofeld was making waves by launching the Smashing Yoyo Company. For that matter, it wasn’t even all that long ago that Mat and I did a joint review of the Smashing Yoyo Company Poppet. For those that haven’t tried the Poppet, it was (and still is) a rather fine inaugural release from Smashing Yoyo Company. And I seem to recall remarking that I hoped that the Poppet was an indication of great things to come.

Well it turns out we won’t have to wait much longer to find out. The next release from the Smashing Yoyo Company is dubbed the Monocle, and it is about to hit the streets! Unlike the Poppet, which was quite angular in its design, the Monocle is much more smooth and organic. Check out the images below if you haven’t yet seen it. Also below is a nice comparison image of the Poppet and the Monocle, courtesy of Roland Thomas-Biason.

The launch of the Smashing Yoyo Company Monocle happens this coming Saturday, December 17, at 6pm UK time (don’t ask me…look it up). Six different colourways will be offered, as well as a Yoyo Village exclusive colourway, although the different colourways will be released at different times over the coming weeks. The Watermelon colourway shown below will be the first to arrive.

Oh, and one more interesting tidbit for you. When you order a Smashing Yoyo Company Monocle, there is a 1-in-5 chance that you will receive a Dickbutt version (see below) for all colourways except the raw. Fun stuff!

Check out the specs for the Monocle below and get ready for its arrival! You can pick one up from Yoyo Village or directly from the Smashing Yoyo Company store for £70.


Monocle Specs

  • Diameter: 56.0 mm
  • Width:  44.0 mm
  • Weight:  64.0 grams
  • Bearing: Size C, centering
  • Response: 19mm pads
  • Material: 7075 aluminum


Smashing Yoyo Company Monocle


Smashing Yoyo Company Monocle


Smashing Yoyo Company Monocle


Smashing Yoyo Company Monocle versus Poppet



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