Some Great Yo-yo Tutorial Apps

Jeremy “Mr. YoyoThrower” McKay sent me an email a couple of days ago informing me of a new Android app called YoYoTuts that gives throwers instant access to a huge number of yo-yo tutorial videos (including some of his).  As luck would have it, I don’t currently use any Android devices so I can’t give it a look directly, but it sounds like it will be a great tool for learning and practicing new tricks.  If you are an Android user then I encourage you to check it out.

If you are and iOS user, don’t despair because I should also point out that there is another tutorial app out there that you can still use.  YoYoTricks published their own tutorial app a few years ago, and this is one I have actually used a lot.  The YYT app only focuses on their own tutorial videos and in general these are focused more on the beginner to intermediate player, but it is still very useful.  This app is available for both iOS via the Apple Store and Android via GooglePlay.

I highly recommend grabbing one or both of these tutorials apps to see if they can be of any benefit to you.




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