Spin Dynamics Alter Ego Review

[Note from JT: this is a slightly updated version of the Spin Dynamics Alter Ego review posted on the YoYo Experts forums by Matthew Giroux.  I liked it a lot and so I asked Matt if I could share here on Cyyclical.  For those that don’t know, Spin Dynamics is a newer company formed by long time thrower and yo-yo judge, Nick Gumlaw.  More recently, Spin Dynamics picked up Dan Dietz as a co-owner, and the Alter Ego is a direct result of that.  Check out what Matt thinks about the Alter Ego from Spin Dynamics in his review below.]


Spin Dynamics Alter Ego


Spin Dynamics Alter Ego

  • Diameter: 56.15 mm
  • Width: 45.45 mm
  • Weight: 65.95 grams
  • Response: One Drop 19 mm Flow Groove Pads
  • Bearing: CBC Center Trac


Out of the Box

When I first opened up the box I noticed that the yo-yo came wrapped in newspaper.  What a cool thing, and a heck of a way to recycle!  The yo-yo was strung with an Ammo from YYST (Dan’s string of choice).  The box is simple and classy with an Alter Ego sticker and one with the specs of the yo-yo.


Spin Dynamics Alter Ego


Look and Feel

In the hand this yo-yo feels and looks great.  It fits nicely in the hand, and feels similar to the Prodigy (on which it is based) but at the same time new and refreshing.  The stepped V-shape is very visual appealing.  Where the Prodigy was a bit more H-shaped, this guy is a tad more of a stepped V-shape.  The yo-yo was machined at One Drop and has their signature Pyramatte tumble finish.  My test yo-yo is in the “Ride Home” colorway.  All of the colorways on the Alter Ego are all very well done and are easily comparable to One Drop, CLYW, and other high end companies.



This yo-yo is a joy to play!  In my humble opinion it is miles above the Prodigy.  The weight distribution is more towards the rim and less towards the center.  This helps the yo-yo play both lighter and zippier.  The yo-yo moves very well and has that “this yoyo plays itself” feel to it.  The spin time rivals any yo-yo that I have ever played (other than the CiTizen).  I can go through my longest combo and still have plenty of spin for a nice bind!  And yes this yo-yo is dead smooth…One Drop quality!!!

One thing I really like about the Alter Ego is how it does not play like this yo-yo or that yo-yo.  It really has its own personality.  Both Nick and Dan really wanted this yo-yo to be it’s own thing…not a Prodigy 2 but whole new yo-yo.  They did just that!

The stability is great.  I have never had a problem with the yo-yo tilting or going off-plane on me.  One of the other things I keep noticing is the fun factor.  This yo-yo is a TON of fun to play.  I never want to put it down.  It just is one of those yo-yos that you keep coming back too.


Overall Feeling

As you can probably assume by now, yeah I like this yo-yo.  In my humble opinion it is the best yo-yo to come out of Spin Dynamics, EVER!  If I had one critique I would say that the gap is a tad too big.  I tend to prefer a smaller gap but that’s just my old school side coming out.  Other than that, the Spin Dynamics Alter Ego is great!


Thanks for reading!!



PS – Here are some more shots, one with a Chief and the other with a Valor.


CLYW Chief and SD Alter Ego


Spin Dynamics Alter Ego



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