Spin Dynamics Flow Restock

I completely missed this earlier in the week, but a new run of the Flow from Spin Dynamics hit YoYoExpert yesterday and there are some really nice colourways available.  If you are looking for a new lower cost yo-yo then this might be a good one to check out.

From what I understand, the Flow was the the original flagship throw for Spin Dynamics, and more recently the company was able to significantly drop the price in order to get it out to the masses, so to speak.  The Flow sits along side the Alter Ego as the company’s main offerings these days.  I have heard great things about both yo-yos although I haven’t yet had a chance to them myself (Matthew Giroux posted a review of the Alter Ego here on Cyyclical last year).  I quite like the look of the Spin Dynamics Flow with its slightly rounded V-type shape (so I guess sort of a V/O hybrid), so I might pick one up myself at some point.

The new splash colourways are pretty slick looking, so I recommend checking out YoYoExpert for the full colour lineup of the Spin Dynamics Flow.





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