SPYY Titanium Hits This Weekend

I am afraid I don’t really know the details about why SPYY (formerly known as Saturn Precision Yo-Yos) closed its doors a couple of years ago, although I do know that it was a sad day for the yo-yo community as a whole.  However, it would appear that the Canadian manufacturer has returned for one last gasp in order to give us the TYY-01, a fully titanium throw.  This really has been the year of the titanium yo-yos!

Details have been released via the SPYY Instagram over the past little while.  There are 165 TYY-01 throws up for grabs, and it sounds like they will be going on sale this weekend at some point…maybe.  It also sounds like the plan is a bit tentative.  In any case, the price is expected to be in the $300 USD range.  Make sure you keep an eye on the SPYY Instgram for more details on this new SPYY titanium yo-yo!




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