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Admittedly, this news is a couple of weeks old now but I wanted to post it up here in case anyone missed it previously. There is a new bi-metal yo-yo on the market, the Static Thall, and from what I understand it is a great first effort from Static and a really good bi-metal in its own right.

I first heard of the Thall from Tyler Jorgenson from the MonkeyfingeR team who happened to be chatting about it on Facebook. After asking him about it, his exact description was that it “retails at $75 and it absolutely slays.” Needless to say that got my attention and so I went digging. I got in touch with Cade Anderson, one of the founders of Static, who was kind enough to send me some information and pictures of the Thall. Here is his rundown of Static:

“Static is a yo-yo company based out of the United States, founded by Chase Hammond. Aaron Day, and Cade Anderson in early 2016. These are three guys that are highly dedicated yo-yo players that wanted to create something more than just another yo-yo. Static yo-yos are generally designed for 1A style playing, but can be used for 3A and 5A as well.

The idea of Static was not just about creating another yo-yo. We came up with the idea for our yo-yos by discussing what we felt was important about a yo-yo and the culture behind yo-yoing,  not just what would help from a competitive perspective. We wanted to emphasize the creativity and the connections that people experience when they see something new or inspiring. We love witnessing people being affected by yo-yoing in a positive way. So we are trying to quantify that feeling with our yoyos and lifestyle. The definition of Static is ‘lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting.’ Besides being a slight play on words, in a sense, we feel that our ideal in creating a positive perspective with yo-yo is Static”

The Static Thall is a very clean looking V-type bi-metal with a very simplistic and yet beautiful design. As Cade puts it:

“We wanted a fast and surgical yo-yo. Light on the string and easy to move. This yo-yo has an extended diameter, giving it a better overall balance. We are really happy how our first yo-yo came out and we look forward to releasing our next yo-yo soon.”

That sounds pretty good to me, especially since the Thall retails for only $75 USD! Check out the specs and images of the Static Thall below.


Thall Specs

  • Diameter: 59 mm
  • Width:  42.5 mm
  • Weight:  64 grams
  • Bearing: Size C centering


Static Thall


Static Thall



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