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GSquared AL7 Hawk Incoming

Ah….Jake, Jake, Jake. Why do you always like to whip us up into a frenzy? Yes, boys and girls, Jake Gross from GSquared is...


GSquared Banshee Launch

Early this morning Jake Gross, the main GSquared man himself, emailed me some juicy information about the GSquared Banshee. The most important bit of...


Throwers Community Aftershock

[Update, Feb 11: the design has been finalized and a limited quantity are now available for pre-order, so grab one while you can!] I...


GSquared Hawk Launch

This is a quick update regarding the new GSquared Hawk for those that happened to miss the news via the Thrower’s subreddit or YoYoExpert. ...


G-Squared Hawk Reveal

Jake Gross from GSquared YoYos has clearly been a busy boy lately.  Not only did he release a bunch of new Marvels a couple...