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Sengoku Kenshin Review

Welcome to the joint review of the Sengoku Kenshin, the new mono-metal yo-yo from Julio Robles that uses high strength 7068 aluminum!   I...


Sengoku Kenshin Incoming

[Update, March 30: the Sengoku Kenshin is now available via the Sengoku store.  Other retailers won’t be selling the Kenshin until April 15 according...


Hideyoshi Review by HSYY

Chris Rhoads over at High Speed YoYo is continuing his mission to review all things Sengoku.  Time time he has reviewed what might be...


Masamune Review by HSYY

As of yet I haven’t really considered grabbing a yo-yo from Sengoku, a fairly new yo-yo maker out of Japan.  This is for two...