The 66% Yo-yo Project

So here is new project that I saw posted recently on the Throwers subreddit. The 66% yo-yo project is a new yo-yo venture run out of Tokyo, Japan, and those of you who like smaller yo-yos will should really like this idea.

From what I understand (the 66% website is only in Japanese and I had to run it through Google Translate to read it), the 66% yo-yo project will be collaborating with various yo-yo makers in order to produce replicas of popular yo-yos that are scaled down to 66% of their original size. According to the 66% website, this is meant to straddle the threshold between mid-sized and undersized yo-yos, without being classified as either. That seems like a fine hair to split, but I am all over anyone that wants to produce smaller yo-yos so thumbs up in any case!

The first collaboration is with Duncan in order to bring us the Barracuda 66%. You can check out the 66% yo-yo project’s Instagram for more details and some photos of this new yo-yo. Apparently there is also a 66% bi-metal in the works although it isn’t clear to me what yo-yo that is based upon.

This is definitely a new yo-yo project worth keeping an eye on!





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  1. This is awesome, but I don’t know where to find these. They list two on their site (one is the bi-metal), but they don’t have a purchase button.

  2. moOnman_Z says:

    66% yo-yos are NICE! I have the 66 Barracuda and The 66 Shutter, best mini that I have ever thrown.

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