The Incoming Forge Yo-yo

Last week, Julio Robles from Sengoku Yoyos stopped by the Thrower subreddit to let everyone know about the new Forge yo-yo that is about to hit the streets. This past weekend I was able to ferret out some additional information about the Forge to share with everyone.

The Forge is actually the result of a collaboration between Sengoku, YoYoTricks, and 5A champion Jake Elliot. The Forge is a decently sized 7068 aluminum yo-yo that uses a V-type shape and soft blast finish. Several splash colourways and solid colour options will be available, some of which you can see below. For more information you can check out the Forge page that is already live on the YoYoTricks store.

Solid color Forges will retail for $100 USD and Splash color Forges will retail for $110 USD. The expected release date is Friday, August 26th. Get your wallets ready!

Thanks to Jake Elliot and Julio Robles for passing along the information about the Forge yo-yo.


Forge Specs

  • Diameter: 57.6 mm
  • Width:  44.7 mm
  • Weight:  64.5 grams
  • Bearing: Size C, Center Trac
  • Response: 19mm Sengoku Katana Pads
  • Material: 7068 aluminum


The Incoming Forge Yo-yo



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