The MFD 2Evil Approaches

Those of you who are fans of MonkeyfingeR Design (a group to which I belong) will probably know the history of the company.  More specifically, you will know about the yo-yo that started it all for MonkeyfingeR: the Evil Yo.  It had an extreme shape that was a bit of love-it-or-hate-it design.  I have had the chance to throw one and it is different, to say the least.  If you would like to read more about the Evil Yo I will point you in the direction of Chris Rhoads’ review of it over on High Speed YoYo.

MonkeyfingeR is currently going through a bit of legacy phase in order to revisit and tweak some of their older designs.  The Gelada 2.1 that is starting to hit the community is an example.  The incoming 2Evil is another.  MonkeyfingeR is taking everything that was great about the Evil Yo and tweaking the design in order to get rid of anything that wasn’t great.  It will be very interesting to see how this updated Evil Yo plays.

MonkeyfingeR Ray was kind enough to send me some sneak peek pictures of the 2Evil, which you can see below.  The exact release date has not yet been set, but Ray hinted at mid-December as the tentative launch.  I imagine that these will be available at the typical online retailers such as YoYoExpert.


MonkeyfingeR 2Evil



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