Throwers Community Aftershock

[Update, Feb 11: the design has been finalized and a limited quantity are now available for pre-order, so grab one while you can!]

I really appreciate Jake Gross from GSquared Yoyos in terms of his level of interaction with the throwing community, particularly those of us that hang out in the Throwers subreddit.  Awhile back Jake ran a Mail Day Marvel event during which the community helped design a colourway for the GSquared Marvel which was then offered for pre-order.  Well, Jake is back at his old antics with a new throwers community Aftershock design event.

The gist of the event is that everyone can toss out ideas of what they would like to see included as part of a new Aftershock colourway, and the most popular choices will eventually be included in a poll for official voting.  Presumably, once finalized, the throwers community Aftershock colourway will be available for pre-order from Jake much like the Marvel was.

This is a fun way to get involved with the Thrower subreddit community and a great opportunity to hopefully grab a unique GSquared Aftershock.  The turn around on this event will be quick so check it out and get involved quickly!


Throwers Community Aftershock




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