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Since you are currently looking at the Cyyclical site as you read this, I can safely assume that you like to keep your finger on the pulse of the throwing community and yo-yo related news. Since that is true, you might be interested to know that a new video series fired up last week to help cover current yo-yo topics, called The Thrower’s Corner.

The Thrower’s Corner was actually a brain child of the MonkeyfingeR Design team, although it is aimed at being brand agnostic and will cover all sort of yo-yo related news. Currently, The Thrower’s Corner is hosted by Mike Montgomery from the MonkeyfingeR team, who thus far seems quite comfortable in his new role as a more-or-less news anchor. The Thrower’s Corner is a twice weekly YouTube broadcast that is published every Tuesday and Friday. So far, two installments have aired, and you can watch them both below.

Make sure to subscribe to The Thrower’s Corner YouTube channel and check out the Facebook page if you are interested in keep up to date with them. Also, if you are interested in submitting some yo-yo news for consideration, you drop a line to and let them know. Oh, and you never know, but you just might hear about some Cyyclical based news now and then.






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