Vosun TiMe Incoming

In case any of you missed this news from back in April (as I did, in all honesty) there is a new incoming titanium yo-yo, the Vosun TiMe! If you are into titanium throws in general, or have been waiting for the right one to purchase, then the Vosun TiMe is one to check out to see if it fits the bill.

It appears that there will be two versions of the Vosun TiMe available from what I understand from the official website and Facebook page. The standard version will be a straight raw machined titanium yo-yo, while the premium version will have the outer “rings” (machined to give the appearance of rings by the look of it) polished to a mirrored shine. This gives the premium version a rather striking appearance.

Both versions of the Vosun TiMe have the same specs, which you can find below. No word on pricing yet from what I can see, but reading through the Vosun Facebook page indicated that its production was delayed in April and that they hoped to finish by today, May 5. Hopefully we will see more details soon.


TiMe Specs

  • Diameter: 54.5 mm
  • Width: 43.6 mm
  • Weight: 64 grams
  • Material: Titanium


Vosun TiMe



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