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I first heard about the We Are Throwers documentary back in the summer during its Indiegogo campaign, but to be honest I haven’t really followed the movie’s development to any great degree.  This is probably because in general I would prefer to throw of my yo-yos instead of watching other people throw theirs.  Admittedly that might also be because watching the master throwers makes me feel really lame in terms of my skills.  Hey, you can’t say that I am not honest!

In any case, some of you may be quite interested in the upcoming We Are Throwers documentary from Piotrek Śmietana, which from what I understand from YoYoNews will be premiered next year at the World YoYo Contest.  If you take inspiration from watching the true yo-yo experts show off their craft then you should check out the We Are Throwers trailer below, which was released yesterday.  Technically this is the second We Are Throwers trailer, and so for good measure I have also thrown in the first teaser video for you to check out.  You may also be interested in reading some more information about the project over at the We Are Throwers website.  Enjoy!





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