Win a Smashing Yoyos Poppet!

[The winner has been announced!]

OK boys and girls, it is time to do another giveaway. This time I have a brand new green Poppet that was donated by the Smashing Yoyo Company and Jordan Blofeld. Interested? You should be, because the Poppet is a really great yo-yo!

The rules are fairly simply. All you have to do is submit a photo of ANY yo-yo via Instagram or Imgur as per the details below. Bonus points will be awarded for being creative and including something British in the photo. The photos will be judged by Jordan and the Smashing Yoyos team.


Here are the extra details:

  • Any yo-yo (or yo-yos) can be used in the photo.
  • Including something British in the photo will be counted as extra points during judging (check out my lame photo of my Poppet and some British fish and chips below).
  • Be creative! Jordan and team are looking for the photo they like the most.
  • To enter, DO ONE (no need to do both) of the following:
    1. Upload your photo to your Instagram account and tag it with #IwishIhadaSmashingYoyo (this is the preferred method of entry).
    2. OR, upload your photo to Imgur and submit the link either below in the comments section or on the contest Reddit thread.
  • Besides the Poppet, we will select three entries at random to receive a MonkeyfingeR accessory pack (Ape Hangers, Tasmanian bearing, BUFF) since I have a few of them lying around.


The deadline for submission is Saturday, November 5 at noon Pacific, so make sure to enter before then! Good luck!


Win a Smashing Yoyos Poppet!



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6 Responses

  1. Yoyouku says:

    I wild British yoyo appears Thank you really much for the nice contest! I can’t wait ’till the winner revealing!

  2. Yoyouku says:

    Hey I have a really hard time to put my picture on Imgur. It doesnt want to upload but it seems to work when I click on the link. Well, I wish you it work for you too because I really really want to have a chance to win. Thanks! I wild Skyva trying to look like a Poppet.

  3. Arah says:

    Well… can there be more than one yo-yo on pic?

  4. Marko says:

    it is not really british but i tried…

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