Wukong Begleri Pre-order

Time to once again take a small break from chatting about yo-yos. Remember the recent information about the Wukong begleri that is incoming from MonkeyfingeR and Aroundsquare? Of course you do, it is silly of me to ask, but I wanted to remind you of that since I just received word from MonkeyfingeR Ray that they will be accepting pre-orders for the Wukong begleri starting today!

Many of you probably didn’t hear about this, but there was a small run of Wukongs offered to the MonkeyfingeR Zoo fan club this past weekend. It pays to be a part of the Zoo! Anyway, the demand was far greater than Ray and Matt had anticipated, and so to help alleviate the disappointment there will be no limits to the Wukong begleri pre-orders!

The pre-order cost will be $35 USD and the pre-order Wukong will feature a unique orange and blue colourway that won’t be offered again. You can check out a picture of that below. Also shown below is the black and silver colourway that will be sold once the Wukong officially launches on April 29.

The Wukong begleri pre-order is available exclusively through the MonkeyfingeR gift shop, and you will have up until April 29 to get your pre-order in! If you prefer the black and silver colourway you can wait to pick one up on or after April 29.

Get ready for your knuckles to hate you!







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