Yo-yo Design Video Series

Our good friend and throwing community member Jordan Blofeld posted on the Thrower’s subreddit yesterday about a new yo-yo design video series. So far, only the first video in the series from Zach Lerner has been released but presumably we will see more of the series as time goes on.

I imagine that most throwers that spend any amount of time and money on the hobby begin to, at some point, think about what it would be like to design a yo-yo from scratch. I know I have wondered myself, although I assumed that it would be far harder than one might think upfront. The first video in this Yo-yo Design 101 series already confirms that, yes, it is much more complicated than you might think.

Nonetheless, the first yo-yo design video is still interesting to watch as it goes into details about the design considerations for the bearing seat and response system in a modern yo-yo. For whatever reason, Zach has turned off the ability to embed the video, but you can click the link above or the picture below to head over to watch it on Zach’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!


Yo-yo Design Video Series



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