Yo-yo Reviews by Jeremy McKay

As many of you in the Throwers community know, Jeremy “Mr. Yoyothrower” McKay is an active member up here on the Canadian west coast (and online). Not only does he organize the local yo-yo club here in Vancouver, but he also runs the Return Top Shop. Up until recently he also ran the King Yo Star yo-yo brand, although that has now been set out to pasture (RIP). So, it really should be no surprise that Jeremy is also now doing some yo-yos reviews, in a manner of speaking.

I say “in a manner of speaking” because his reviews are meant to be very quick and easy summaries of his thoughts about different yo-yos rather than in-depth analyses. These reviews are also meant to be a complement to Jeremy’s Return Top Shop. You may consider this as a form of advertising for the shop, and indeed it is. However, I have always found Jeremy to be a straight shooter on his opinions of yo-yos (even ones he sells), and I for one am happy he is adding the yo-yo reviews to his site.

So, if you would like to check out Jeremy’s yo-yo reviews, make sure to bookmark the News section of the Return Top Shop. As I write this, Jeremy has already published some opinions about the Vosun titanium yo-yos, a quick delrin yo-yo shootout, the new MagicYoYo bi-metal yo-yos, and some underrated yo-yos.


Yo-yo Reviews by Mr. Yoyothrower



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