Yo-yo Tutorials by Ben Boulos

And yet another throwing community member is hoping to give back by contributing some excellent yo-yo tutorial videos! It is always great to see more and more people spreading the yo-yo love to the world.

This time around we are speaking of Ben Boulos and his recent launch of a trick-a-day series of yo-yo tutorials. I am always impressed by throwers that attempt any form of trick-a-day series. The idea of having to think up 365 different and distinct tricks, never mind converting them into tutorial videos, makes my head spin. Kudos to Ben for his efforts.

I had a look at some of the videos and I liked what I saw. As an example, you can check out his Double Slack Repeater yo-yo tutorial video below. And don’t forget to subscribe to Ben’s YouTube channel for a regular injection of daily yo-yo tutorial videos. Enjoy!




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