YoYoExpert Mystery Boxes 2015

Those of you who are fairly new to the throwing scene may not know about this, but every year around American Thanksgiving YoYoExpert sells a bunch of mystery boxes.  These boxes contain a range of unknown goodies, usually from YoYoFactory.  The contents of the boxes are worth more than the asking price, so despite the fact that you are purchasing something unseen you will probably be quite happy with what you get.

I myself have yet to buy one of these, but I think this year might change all of that for me.  According to the official announcement, this year there are two mystery box options (A and B) each for $50 USD.  You can of course buy one of each if you like.  What is more intriguing is that if, and only if, you buy one of the base boxes you then have the option of picking up Mystery Product X for an additional $50.  Product X appears to be an additional bi-metal yo-yo of some kind that YoYoExpert is saying will be really good and worth over $100 USD (check out the hint video below).  Intriguing!

From what I am seeing in the discussions on the YoYoExpert forums, these mystery boxes will only contain metal yo-yos of some kind.  It all sounds very exciting.  The schedule for the different release times are shown below.  You can find the links to the Mystery Boxes on the YoYoExpert New Releases page.  Note that you can add the Product X ahead of time in order to speed up the purchase of Box A and/or Box B (the price of the Product X will reduce in your cart once you add A or B and update the cart).


YoYoExpert Mystery Boxes 2015




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