YYWS Halyard Launch

It is finally happening!  The YYWS Halyard has finally arrived and will be hitting YoYoExpert tomorrow, December 10!  I am very excited to share this news with you since Wayne over at YoYo Workshop gave me the heads up about it a few days ago but I had to wait for YoYoExpert to make the first move.  They did so last night over on the YoYoExpert Instagram, and it looks like we can expect the countdown to start tomorrow morning.  I imagine the release will be sometime tomorrow evening as is typical with YoYoExpert launches.

Regular users of the Cyyclical site will already know that I quite like the Halyard, as is evidenced by it being one of the Cyyclical Core Throws and my recent positive Halyard review.  I think YoYoWorkshop have done an excellent job on the design of the Halyard, and if you like bigger floaty throws then this is definitely one to check out.

Watch for the release of the YYWS Halyard tomorrow, Thursday, December 10, over at YoYoExpert!


YYWS Halyard Launch



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