Well now, here is some exciting information from the Wayne and David over at YoYo Workshop.  Earlier today (or yesterday for those just reading this Saturday morning) they dropped a huge teaser on Facebook regarding their new yo-yo that is aiming for a 2016 release.  The YYWS TiTANIC will set sail in April, and as you can probably guess from the name this will be a titanium yo-yo, a first for YoYo Workshop.

Wayne was kind enough to share some extra details with me to pass along to everyone.  The YYWS TiTANIC will be a O/V-hybrid that by the sound of it will be more organic with only a slight V shape to it.  It be a mid-sized yoyo and will weigh in at 65 grams with a tap-through axle.  The plan is to use a ceramic bearing although that is subject to change.  The YYWS TiTANIC will be machined in the US as is the case for all YoYo Workshop throws.  It will be available in a raw finish that will be hand polished by the YYWS guys themselves.

And the most exciting part might very well be the price.  YoYo Workshop is aiming to sell these for about $190 USD, which is amazing given that pretty much every other titanium yo-yo thus far retails for around $300.  I for one am very excited about the YYWS TiTANIC, and I will keep you post as I hear more news.





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    Shockingly terrible name choice!

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